Our atlasCARE IVF team in Georgia will help you with every step of your journey from surrogate matching, contracts, IVF, legalities, and help you build the family.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Within the modern walls of AtlasCAREIVF in Georgia our approach to providing fertility care centers around providing the unsurpassed care on an individualized basis. Our team has the full range of infertility technologies and treatments available to provide you with the safest, most effective personalized treatment plans.


The AtlasCARE fertility clinic is run by experts in the field of reproductive medicine — who are world-renowned for their success, compassion and commitment to each intended parent that seeks IVF and surrogacy options in Tbilisi or Batumi.


While many countries prohibit surrogacy — AtlasCARE IVF has opened the door for you to legally and safely build a family.

IVF WITH SURROGACY — Special Delivery

What is IVF with Surrogacy?

  • A generous, compassionate surrogate mother is a woman who carries a pregnancy for a deserving couple.
  • A gestational surrogate mother carries to term a pregnancy; through in vitro fertilization an embryo is created with the sperm and egg of the intended parents, or with the help of egg donation or sperm donation. The embryos are transferred to the surrogate.
  • There are a number of legal issues involved in surrogacy arrangements, our excellent reproductive lawyer, Tamila Mjavanadze, will help you through the entire process.

How Can We Build a Family with Surrogacy Georgia?

Surrogacy is a physically and emotionally demanding process that involves careful evaluation by a fertility clinic, surrogacy professionals, and a dedicated reproductive lawyer to ensure that the arrangement succeeds for both the surrogate mother living in Tbilisi, Georgia as well as the intended parents.

As the leading fertility clinic in the Republic of Georgia, we have helped countless individuals become parents through surrogacy. Our step by step program includes the initial recruitment and screening of Surrogate Mothers in Tbilisi. We also perform an extensive medical, and psychological screening for each Surrogate Mother before being accepted into our program.

Surrogacy is achieved by those with the courage to reimagine the imaginable. The Surrogate Mothers for AtlasCARE defy the challenges of family building and push sacrifice to the limits. This is the spirit that drives our surrogate mothers.

Our experienced AtlasCARE Journey Coordinators are passionate and knowledgeable on the complexities involved with Surrogacy, and is available to guide you on your journey. We will make sure you and your surrogate mother are given the most unsurpassed education, guidance and support and monitor your Surrogate’s medical appointments, living environment, and support sessions.

Who Should Use a Gestational Surrogate?

At AtlasCARE IVF in Georgia, we intensely believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to become a parent.

Gestational surrogacy is useful in times when the female intended parent has no uterus, a congenitally deformed uterus, a uterus that is unable to support a pregnancy, or a history of recurrent pregnancy loss, or any medical condition that makes pregnancy dangerous or precludes intended parents from a successful pregnancy.

Why Would a Woman Want to Become a Surrogate Mother?

Our loving surrogates are ready to create a unique connection with you and help you reach your goal of building a family.

These extraordinary, selfless women incorporate compassionate for others who are wishing and hoping for a baby.  Our surrogate mothers have endured pleasurable, uncomplicated pregnancies and this arrangement allows for them to stay home with their children and ultimately contribute financially to their own family.

Our surrogates make a bold statement; demonstrating that irrespective of race, religion, or one’s lifestyle — sacrifice is an everlasting gift.

IVF with Surrogacy — First Impressions

Once a suitable surrogate has been chosen and the screening process is complete, the steps to building a family in Tbilisi, Georgia are introduced.

Step 1 | Cycle Synchronization

While the intended mother is receiving fertility medication to stimulate the development of ovarian follicles, the surrogate mother will also be given medications to control the progression of her cycle. Both women will be closely monitored during the cycle synchronization process.

This step is achieved by using hormonal management medication. Once both women’s ovarian function is suppressed and their cycles are synchronized, we will continue with the surrogacy process. (Medications can be started in the IP’s home before traveling to Tbilisi or Batumi)

Step 2 | Hormonal Therapy

The surrogate will begin taking estrogen to stimulate endometrial (uterine lining) growth and the intended parent will start by taking medication to stimulate egg production (unless using egg donation).

Careful monitoring of the ovaries is significant for the development of high quality eggs as well as patient safety.

Step 3 | Egg Retrieval

After careful monitoring of the ovaries and uterus, the fertility specialist can determine if the eggs are mature and ready to be retrieved. Once the endometrial lining is appropriately developed, the intended parent or egg donor is scheduled for egg retrieval — a routine surgical procedure using a needle and anesthesia.

The vaginal ultrasound is used to direct a needle through the vaginal wall into the ovary and inside the follicle; suction is employed to aspirate the fluid and egg into the IVF tube.

Step 4 | Fertilization

The eggs are then fertilized with the intended father’s or donor’s sperm, then incubated and observed for three to four days. An average of seven to twenty eggs are retrieved. Sperm is then introduced and embryos are formed for observation and evaluation.

This process is accomplished through in vitro fertilization (IVF), using intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

Step 5 | Embryo Transfer

The embryos are transferred through a painless, in-patient procedure. A pregnancy test is administered approximately fourteen days after the embryo transfer.

Unfortunately there are times when IVF is not successful on the first try. While this is naturally devestating news, it is important to understand that IVF pregnancy rates are not 100%.

If the result is negative, then the transfer may be repeated at another cycle with frozen embryos (**if there were an adequate amount of embryos to freeze). Intended parents may also begin another cycle using fresh embryos.

Step 6 | Pregnancy Success

If the cycle is successful, our AtlasCARE surrogacy team oversees the day-to-day health and well-being of the carrier (both physical and psychological), and serves as a resource for intended parents to prepare for the new arrival.

Your surrogate mother will have a weekly medical appointment — and the regularity of the appointments will be tailored, dependent on specific cases.

Step 7 | Birth of Baby

A C-section is scheduled and the Intended parents are required to travel to Georgia for the birth of the baby. It takes one to two days after the birth to obtain the birth certificate.

Step 8 | Taking Your Baby Home

Once you receive the birth certificate, you can apply to your Embassy for baby passport or travel documents — which takes from two to six weeks. If you are a citizen of the US or UK, you may be asked to take a DNA test.

When the baby is permitted to leave the hospital, intended parents can take their newborn from the hospital and start the next chapter of this amazing journey.

Cost of Surrogacy in Georgia

From the very first moment of your surrogacy journey — you are the centerpiece of the AtlasCARE IVF team. You are not a customer. You are not a patient. You’re part of a family who values your well-being as an intended parent — and you’re taking a journey that aims to be not merely enjoyable but truly memorable.


Our goal is to help you understand in advance what the costs of treatment will be, whether or not your treatment is covered by insurance, and to assist you with entire surrogacy process.A member of our team will always be available to answer your questions in detail regarding your surrogacy related costs.

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