Surrogacy for Qualified Singles

Surrogacy is an option for singles to have a baby with the help of a surrogate mother. Check if this is approved by the Republic of Georgia.
young father holding a baby born via surrogacy for singles

Nothing brings the same exhilaration and anticipation to life as the feeling felt by expectant parents. Surrogacy for single men and women is not illegal, however unmarried couples need to check with their own embassy in Georgia to determine if a marriage certificate is required to obtain a passport for the baby.

While surrogacy options for single men and women are permitted in the Republic of Georgia — we also have a valuable alternative.

From the very beginning, AtlasCARE IVF possessed a special blend of passion, integrity and affordability that sets us apart from all others.

For single intended parents who cannot pursue surrogacy in Tbilsi because of their own embassy requirements, CARE Surrogacy in the USA is helping single men and women who are seeking the rewards of building a family. The CARE Surrogacy program provides surrogacy for single women using sperm donation.

Single men pursuing family-building have an extraordinary opportunity in the USA — surrogacy for single men with donated eggs fertilized with their own sperm and a gestational surrogate carrying the pregnancy to term.

It is your success combined with our rich diversity of options that truly makes our CARE network the best it can be.

How does surrogacy for single parents work?

Intended single parents can pursue gestational surrogacy using donor eggs or sperm. The gestational carrier won’t be genetically related to the baby. 

Our surrogacy agency in Georgia will help you find an egg donor and surrogate concurrently. If surrogacy with donor sperm is an option for you, then we will refer you to a reputable sperm bank within our network. Once the egg or sperm donor is selected, the surrogacy process will continue as it would for any other intended parents.

What are the benefits of surrogacy for single parents?

  • Surrogacy allows single intended parents to fulfill their dream of parenthood — even without a partner
  • The treatment enables single parents to maintain a biological connection with their child(ren)
  • Single-parent surrogacy is easier than adoption
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