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Learn more about AtlasCARE IVF Clinic in Tbilisi/Georgia.

The AtlasCARE IVF Center provides a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art services for family building options in a caring environment, where the major emphasis is not only technological superiority — but accessibility, affordability, personal attention, and support.

Comprised of caring and expert staff members, AtlasCARE is dedicated to providing safe and effective reproductive care options for you and your family.

AtlasCARE Surrogacy & IVF Clinic 

AtlasCARE is both an agency and fertility clinic which offers surrogacy and IVF packages all in one place. We help intended parents and surrogates to manage their entire treatment process from beginning to end.

Through a unique mixture of surrogacy and fertility services, commitment to care and constant readiness to help our patients to fulfill their dreams of parenthood, AtlasCARE offers a variety of international surrogacy programs tailored to meet the needs of both the surrogate mother and intended parents.

Our extensive experience with patients from numerous countries makes us familiar with the legal procedures of different nationalities. During your treatment, you will be guided by experienced surrogacy professionals from the very beginning of the process, to the moment of birth to reaching your final destination with a lovely baby in your arms!

What do we offer?

Main services provided by AtlasCARE are:

  1. Creating treatment plan based on the intended parent’s medical history and fertility test results
  2. Matching services to help you find the right surrogate mother
  3. Medical screening services to ensure every party is mentally, physically, and emotionally ready for the treatment process
  4. Coordination of information between different parties to make sure every stage is completed
  5. Counseling services to provide education and support throughout the process
  6. Fertility services to provide the right fertility treatment for you (and your partner)

Why choose AtlasCARE?

Here are the top reasons why people choose AtlasCARE: 

1. Surrogacy is legal in Georgia

Georgia is considered one of the most permissive countries for this practice, being a popular hub of surrogacy and fertility tourism among others. Intended parents and surrogates are protected by law as well as in courts, which means that surrogacy can be completed in a completely safe manner. When it comes to the type of surrogacy arrangement, only gestational surrogacy is allowed by law.

2. We guarantee equal rights to family life

At AtlasCARE, we believe parenthood should be made available to everyone — regardless of their marital status or sexual orientation. What matters more is the parenting style intended parents will adopt, not the type of household their children will live in. Good relationships and spending quality time with the child is what makes the child happy and the most important factor when it comes to building a happy family. 

Since we believe every person has the same right to become a parent, we are happy to refer single intended parents and same-sex couples to our partner clinics in Mexico and Russia.

3. We take care of every detail

Every detail of our programs in Georgia enhances your family-building experience — from creating your intended parent profile to finding a surrogate mother and establishing a formal surrogacy agreement.

After your baby is born, our lawyer will assist you in obtaining a birth certificate. Birth certificates are issued within 2 to 10 working days from the day of application (depending on the workload of the House of Justice). 

Intended parents are listed as the legal parents on the baby’s birth certificate. Even in the case of egg, embryo, or sperm donation, intended parents are deemed as the legal parents of the child. 

Our legal team will also help you with the application procedure for passport and citizenship. Since only embassies are responsible for issuing such documents, you should contact your embassy before proceeding with surrogacy and learn about the documents required to get a passport or a travel document.

4. Our programs are international

Our treatment programs are specifically designed with your family’s needs in mind. As the top IVF clinic in Georgia, AtlasCARE offers an unprecedented blend of surrogacy options, personalized care, and pregnancy success rates that will enrich, empower, and elevate your journey to parenthood — no matter your status or country of origin.

Treatment options include:

  • IVF with ICSI
  • Egg, embryo, and sperm donation 
  • Surrogacy with IVF and Egg/sperm donation
  • IVF with PGD
  • IVF with PGS

Start your journey with AtlasCARE!

Assisted reproduction provides a new path to parenthood that allows the opportunity for aspiring parents to experience the wonders of pregnancy and childbirth. 

Connect with our team over a video to get valuable information about the treatment process and together explore the journey and decision-making paths to building a wonderful family!


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