Surrogacy with Egg Donation

Learn the steps of surrogacy with egg donation and a surrogate mother in the country of Georgia.
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The entire AtlasCARE team at the leading Georgian fertility clinic has the highest possible qualifications and national certifications, from our doctors and lab management to our highly trained staff of nurses and technicians. Our Egg Donation with Surrogacy program provides modern, convenient facilities in Georgia.

We offer one of the most prevalent and inclusive egg donor programs in the world. Our egg donors are, indeed, remarkable, accomplished young women. 

What is Egg Donation with Surrogacy?

Some women are unable to produce healthy eggs and achieve pregnancy. Egg donation with surrogacy may be the only option to help intended parents experience parenthood.

Our egg donor program gives intended parents the ability to select characteristics, such as ethnicity, education, intelligence, and important physical attributes. Our hands-on approach makes the egg donation process easier than ever.

When should you consider using donor eggs?

Women may not be able to conceive using their own eggs for a number of reasons, including:

  • Low ovarian reserve
  • Poor egg quality
  • Limited or no ovarian function due to surgical interventions or medical therapies (e.g. chemotherapy, radiotherapy)
  • Early menopause
  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Genetic diseases that can be passed onto the child

At the AtlasCARE IVF clinic in Tbilisi, Georgia, patients can also choose to use eggs from a non-anonymous (known) egg donor. The surrogate mother and the chosen donor will need to go through thorough medical testing to ensure good health and a healthy pregnancy. 

What is the treatment process?

Step 1: Screening

Initial fertility blood tests and ultrasound scans will assess the ovarian reserve of the potential egg donor and will determine the responsiveness of her ovaries to fertility medications. Further medical examination will be carried out to determine if the candidate is healthy enough to participate in our egg donation program.

Step 2: Selection

The egg donor selection is made based on the overall health of the candidate. Once donors are accepted into our program, their profiles will be added to the donor database. 

Intended parents can choose between various donor profiles based on their preferences and needs. Once you select the perfect donor with the help of our medical team, you can start the treatment process.

Step 3: Synchronization & preparation

Your egg donor cycle will be synchronized with your surrogate’s cycle, so that the embryo transfer can happen as soon as the eggs are fertilized and ready for implantation. 

The donor will also start to self-administer stimulation injections to produce multiple viable eggs. A final ovarian scan will determine if and when the eggs are ready to be collected.

While the egg donor is preparing for the egg retrieval, the surrogate will begin a course of medications to prepare her uterine lining for implantation. The ideal lining is usually 7-8 mm thick.

Step 4: Egg retrieval

When donor’s eggs are fully grown, egg retrieval will be carried at the AtlasCARE IVF clinic in Georgia. The mature eggs will be collected from the egg donor’s ovaries using ultrasound-guided aspiration. This is a non-invasive, painless medical procedure that takes only a couple of minutes.

Step 5: Fertilization

On the same day of egg retrieval, the intended father will provide a sperm sample. Collected eggs will be fertilized with the partner’s sperm in a procedure called ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection). The father can also come to the clinic before the egg retrieval to provide a sperm sample which will then be frozen and used later on. Frozen samples will be first thawed and then injected into the eggs using the ICSI procedure.

Step 6: Embryo transfer

Within 3 to 5 days after fertilization, embryos of superior quality will be transferred to the surrogate’s uterus. Twelve days following the transfer, a pregnancy testwill reveal if the procedure has worked.

Why would a woman want to donate her eggs to us?

Becoming an egg donor is a unique opportunity to assist others in fulfilling their dream of becoming parents. It is a display of compassion and humanity — that is so needed in today’s world.

This generous donation of eggs gives intended parents who are suffering from infertility the opportunity to create a child of their own and dive in the world of parenthood.

Besides the personal satisfaction you receive by helping create a family, egg donors also receive compensation.

When should we use donor eggs for surrogacy?

Egg donation was originally developed to treat infertility in women who have ovarian failure and want to experience a pregnancy and birth. Other women carry genetic problems that they do not wish to pass on to their children.

Using donated eggs offers a dramatically improved outlook and a first-rate chance for couples to build a family.

We generally recommend using donated eggs for:

  • Women whose own eggs are of poor quality
  • Women in the older reproductive age group
  • Women with chromosomal or genetic diseases that they wish to avoid passing on to their children
  • Women with premature menopause, premature ovarian failure, absent ovaries, diminished ovarian reserve or poor response to fertility drugs
  • Women with ovarian damage following surgery, radiation or chemotherapy
  • Women with a history of recurrent miscarriages

How do you select an egg donor?

A successful donor egg program requires a selection of exceptional women who want to help other women achieve their dream of motherhood.

Our egg donor profiles contain brief information about an egg donor, such as age, height, weight, complexion, ethnic origin, education, and experience as an egg donor, and include a photo to assist you in selecting the right profile.

AtlasCARE egg donors are women aged 18 to 32 of diverse ethnic backgrounds and astounding educational accomplishments, including college degrees and distinctive talents.

Start your journey to parenthood with AtlasCARE IVF!

AtlasCARE IVF continues to be one of the most highly regarded egg donor programs in the world as we continue to connect outstanding young women who are willing and able to give this life-altering gift to admirable intended parents looking to build a family.

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