Pregnancy Success Rates

Our surrogacy, IVF, and egg donor programs in Georgia offer some of the highest surrogate mother pregnancy success rates in Europe.
surrogacy success rates

The entire AtlasCARE program was molded with the express purpose of nurturing and increasing all of your family building sensations.

What does this mean for you? The sophisticated team of journey coordinators, legal team, and infertility doctors in Tbilisi, Georgia achieve impressive dynamic outcomes and offer a level of confidence that amounts to incomparable experiences.

While accurate IVF success rates continually vary from patient to patient based on age, diagnosis, and from clinic to clinic dependent upon on the proficiency and practice of the fertility doctor — our IVF success rates in Georgia will ease your mind.

Denoted as the leading fertility clinic in Georgia, we hold one the most successful IVF pregnancy rates in Europe. Our Georgian infertility clinic is proud of excellent outcomes and our commitment to safe, effective treatments that are provided in the best interest of our intended parents.

We start with the hand-picked fertility specialists who have the highest possible qualifications and international certifications resulting in success rates consistently surpass national averages.

Our In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) success rates are attributed to our status as a premier leader in the field of clinical infertility, embryology research and laboratory methodology, as well as our solid investment in world-class technology.

The AtlasCARE program features  — IVF with Surrogacy, Surrogacy with Egg Donation, and Surrogacy with Sperm Donation — utilizing the latest fertility technologies to provide intended parents with the most comfortable and most enjoyable experience possible.

Dreams come true with Surrogacy Georgia

The want and desire to build a family transpires in all walks of life. While surrogacy is not merely new — AtlasCARE IVF in Georgia allows you to feel refreshingly different throughout the journey. And in countless moments, the families we are creating from the inspiration of one becomes an influence to many.

Our clinical directors and fertility specialists have spent several years in reproductive medicine and combine to offer the best talent, the best and the best technology with an extraordinary attention to detail — backed by success rates that are proving the value of why more and more intended parents are traveling to Tbilisi to see they dreams come true.

To learn more about our IVF Success Rates, schedule a consultation with our devoted Journey Coordinators, Amy Saracoglu and Maha Issawi.

AtlasCARE Georgia success rates

The success rates listed above are for the clinics in vitro fertilization process for a healthy woman without a history of disease, or genetic abnormality. These rates may fluctuate and will be updated occasionally.

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