Surrogacy with Sperm Donation

Learn the steps of surrogacy with sperm donation using a gestational surrogate mother in the country of Georgia.
embryologist preparing sperm for surrogacy with sperm donation

Our unique and bold AtlasCARE team is ready to guide you and watch your expectations soar with every step — as you realize you are now part of an elegant and privileged destination of Tbilisi and Batumi —  the heart and soul of Georgia.


A pregnancy using donor sperm is a valuable option chosen by many of our intended parents. Our donor sperm program works with the most discreet, highly reputable sperm donors. We have several sperm donor options that you can discuss with our fertility specialists in Tbilisi.

Sperm Donation With Surrogacy — Special Delivery

Surrogacy with donor sperm refers to the procedure in which an embryo has been created using donor sperm and is then implanted in a gestational surrogate to carry the pregnancy to full term. The resulting child(ren) will be genetically related to the mother. 

  • Sperm donation may be used when the male partner has low sperm count, or a genetic defect that the male intended parent does not want to pass on.
  • Sperm donors are anonymous donors from a variety of backgrounds. Sperm Donation gives intended parents the ability to select characteristics, such as ethnicity, education, and important physical attributes.
  • Our sperm donors undergo extensive medical and genetic screening.

Using donor sperm for IVF in Georgia

According to the Georgian law, intended parents may consider using donor sperm if they are:

  • Heterosexual couples where the male partner has sperm abnormalities
  • Heterosexual couples when one of the intended parents has a genetic condition that can be passed onto the child

Sperm donation in Georgia

Sperm donors are screened according to the Georgian Ministry of Health screening list. Qualified donor candidates are added to a donor database that is viewable only for patients interested in using donor sperm. In-depth information about the donor is available so that couples can choose a person who either resembles the male partner or has the same ethnicity or other desired qualities and characteristics as those of the intended father.

If intended parents choose to proceed with surrogacy using a sperm donor, the donor’s identity must be revealed. Patients can access detailed information about the donor which will allow them to make a selection on a variety of characteristics, including:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Nationality
  • Professional career
  • Educational background
  • Sperm quality
  • Health history

How Do We Select A Suitable Sperm Donor?

Our AtlasCARE IVF team provides the largest and most diverse selection of sperm donors anywhere in the world. When choosing your donor, you want to make sure all your important criteria are met — as you choose from a wide variety of outstanding male donors.

Whether it is education, athleticism, religion, ethnicity, build, complexion, musicality, facial features, or artistry you are interested in, we have the right donor for you.

We provide quantity without sacrificing quality with our strict donor qualification process. High educational and physical standards, personal and family medical history, multiple semen and blood analyses, genetic screening, and a series of extensive interviews are used to find the finest sperm donors possible.

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