embryologist performing icsi fertilization

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in Georgia is a special procedure that involves injecting single sperm cells into each collected egg to facilitate fertilization. With ICSI, collected eggs are first evaluated for quality and maturity and are then fertilized with the partner’s (or donor’s) sperm. 

Couples affected by male infertility can benefit from ICSI as it requires a small number of sperm cells for fertilization to take place. 

What is the process of ICSI?

ICSI is performed under a powerful microscope and it uses micromanipulation devices (such as micromanipulators, microinjectors, and micropipettes) to achieve fertilization. Fertilized eggs (called embryos) will be monitored during the grading cycle to determine which one(s) have the best chance for implantation. 

Once the embryos reach the optimal stage, the embryologists will select the best one(s) for transfer. The embryo transfer procedure will be performed at the AtlasCARE IVF clinic on day three or day five after egg retrieval. Twelve days post transfer, a beta hCG test is scheduled to see if pregnancy has been established. 

Who are good candidates for ICSI?

Here at AtlasCARE IVF, we use ICSI in all of our IVF treatments so that we can maximize the number of embryos obtained per case. Combined with fertility expertise, ICSI offers couples significantly higher chances of fertilization.

ICSI is used in cases of male infertility, including low sperm count (oligospermia), zero sperm count (azoospermia), low sperm motility (asthenozoospermia) or poor sperm morphology (teratozoospermia), after multiple failed IVF cycles, as well as in frozen embryo transfer (FET) treatments. 

What are the sperm retrieval techniques?

Sperm can be successfully retrieved from men in almost any situation using advanced IVF techniques. Sperm retrieval continually helps our male fertility patients with a vasectomy, a failed vasectomy reversal, an absence of the vas deferens, or blockages anywhere along the seminal tract to obtain sperm. There are 4 primary sperm retrieval techniques — MESA, PESA, TESE, and MicroTESE which are often used in conjunction with IVF.

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